Software Engineering

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Cutting-edge software solutions…fast

At Aegis we understand the diverse considerations and many levels of decision-making that software engineering and development necessitates. In order to best meet the needs of our clients, we undertake the development process by utilizing client-specific technologies and tools and incorporating Aegis’ own extensive expertise to recommend an individually-tailored software solution.

Aegis’ custom software development includes:

Enterprise Software

  • Architecture
  • Application Development
  • User Interface Design
  • Network Design
  • Test
  • Custom Development
  • Multiple Operating Systems/Platforms, including Microsoft Technologies, XML, HTML, Java, J2EE, Unix/Linux, etc.

Embedded Software:

  • Testing
  • Architecture
  • Systems Level Development, including Kernel, Driver, Configuration Management, etc.
  • Applications
  • Security
  • Custom Development
  • Multiple Operating Systems/Platforms, including WinCE, Pocket PC, Palm, Numerous Embedded Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS) such as VxWorks, Embedded Linux, etc.