Seaport-E Information


The following information is provided regarding the Aegis SeaPort-E Prime Contract:

1. A copy of all task orders received under the contract: None at this time.

2. A copy of all technical instructions issued against any task order: None at this time.

3. A list of all team members proposed and their capability/area of expertise:

Team Member Name: Aegis, Seaport-e contract #: N00178-07-D-4940

Type of Business: Customized hardware and software engineering services.

Area of Expertise: Please refer to our downloadable capabilities sheet.

4. A list of the last 3 years service experience, for all team members listed in Exhibit A of this solicitation, listed by functional area and specific Program, as appropriate. The Contractor may also inclue a description of the products (deliverables) provided: 
No recent E task orders.

5. Point(s) of contact to provide information on customer satisfaction with the services provided:

110 Cherry Street, 3rd Floor
Seattle, WA 98104

6. A description of the contractor’s quality assurance program:

Quality assurance can be defined as “A system for evaluating performance, as in the delivery of services or the quality of products provided to consumers, customers, or patients.”

Aegis is committed to the delivery of the highest level of service and quality assurance to its clients. This is accomplished by using proven methodologies that have been designed using industry best practices and customizing them to meet the needs of each individual client. Quality is built into our process.

In order to provide the highest possible standards to our clients, Aegis undertakes constant monitoring of the project at hand, conducts frequent status meetings, and regularly reviews project procedure in order to guarantee the delivery of the finest quality of product within the designated budget parameters and time frames. Should there be a quality shortfall at any point in the project development process Aegis will liase closely with the client and project team members in order to develop alternative options that do meet the designated quality requirements.

7. Points of contact for information related to the SeaPort program:

Tim Lyon
110 Cherry Street, 3rd Floor
Seattle, WA 98104