Past Work & Accomplishments


Innovation and creativity in product development

Our past and current accomplishments include:


  • Scalar 100 Drive Sled ‘hot swap’ variant – SCSI drive sled for DLT tape library, enabling power-on replacement


  • Airline Telephone & Storage Systems – telephone equipment for commercial in-flight entertainment


  • OAPI Flight Test Software – custom software tools in support of Flight Test Analysis Engineers, allowing for more dynamic display and manipulation of data
  • 787 Cockpit Lighting System – constructed the lighting system for the 787 cockpit mock-up, used to test/simulate a variation of lighting settings
  • Crew Rest System – design of a multi-media console for use within the crew rest compartment

Cisco Systems

  • 12000 Switch Router – a family of three scalable router solutions for high-speed IP networks
  • Wildcat Gigabit Switch – market test model for a new line of optical gigabit switches

Cellular Technical Services

  • Blackbird System – detects and defeats cellular phone fraud

Cubic Transportation Systems

  • Mass Transit Fare Collection – environmentally sealed unit for processing contactless smart cards


Experience Music Project

  • Handheld Information Device – interactive handheld user device and shoulder worn main CPU enclosure
  • Computer Docking System & Battery Charging – racks for wearable information computer devices


General Dynamics

  • Rocket Propulsion Systems – power supply and fuel delivery system


Intermec Technologies

  • Embedded Win CE Development – industrial design for multiple handheld devices


IBV Technologies

  • Consumer Pharmaceutical Compliance Monitoring System



  • Truck Components – cab interior, engine air intake, fender, and cab body components


Law Enforcement Support Agency (LESA)

  • Rapidly Deployable Mobile Wireless Video System


  • Device Drivers for Windows and NT – mouse, keyboard and joystick software development
  • Ergonomic Keyboard – design translation and implementation of the first generation ‘natural’ keyboard
  • Prototype Table Computer (surface) – design and development of the system control and human interactive components

National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA)

  • Test System – scalable hardware, software and firmware package, user-friendly semi-automated interface, and easily configurable platform.


Philips Oral Healthcare

  • Sonicare Toothbrush – product development for the next generation of toothbrush


Seattle Aquarium

  • Sofware system – monitors and controls a salt water sales system

Seattle Monorail

  • Engine monitoring system – identifies the source of mechanical failures


Siemens Medical

  • Elegra Diagnostic Ultrasound – cart frame for ultrasound system



  • Monitor Plug-In Module – used to share real-time physiological data among medical monitors


Spectrum Controls

  • Industrial Controller – computer system to withstand harsh environments


Symbol Technologies

  • Embedded WIN CE Development 



  • Accelerometer Conditioning Unit – portable data acquisition system for measuring building movement
  • Visible/IR Tracking Beacon – portable high-intensity signaling beacon used in network system set-up
  • Field Power Meter – portable signal strength measurement device


Tiercel – Leading provider of integrated law enforcement, major incident response and critical infrastructure protection solutions.


  • Factory Test Set – microprocessor controlled monitoring for food storage control system



  • Document Finishing Products – a patented automatic book binding system